La Panique Mécanique

Inkheart was one of the first books I fell in love with. This entire epigraph illustration series turned out to be about old fairy tales. 

May Book Photo Challenge / Day 26: Favorite Setting. I’ve been missing the Inkworld like crazy lately. -Tiffany 

Love in Black (Part 1)
Story by NuffyIllustration by LORELEI-LilyPrincess
The sound of the footsteps woke Princess of Arendelle from unconsciousness. Pain from the frozenness pierced every single bone within, so great that her entire body became numb. Anna slowly opened her eyes and glanced to the source of the sound. Her mind was still very much blurred due to the cold. In front of her, appeared a beautiful young lady in glittering black dress, her elder sister, Queen Elsa of Arendelle. “E… Elsa” The princess speaks softly.The owner of the ice palace smiled “You shouldn’t have come here, Anna.”“I came here for you… G..Go back to Arendelle with me, please…”The queen reached out a hand, captured the princess’s soft cheek.
“Going back? So you want me to shove on the gloves again? Are you going to force me back in the cage?”“I didn’t mean that, I..I just think that we can fix this thing out together.”“Well, well, you’re such a sweet, Anna.” Elsa smirked, “You’re too naïve my dear sister.”Anna felt the squeeze of the queen’s hand on her face. Agony pierced through to her heart when her eyes met Elsa’s icy blue ones.“I let my power control me for too long. From now on, I will control it… and everyone.”“But Elsa,” Anna said weakly, “T… This winter will put everything into chaos…”The queen sneered “So? The cold never bothered me anyway.”Then, Elsa pressed a kiss on shiver lips of the princess. Anna’s body became solid as ice. “Now you’re mine, dearest sister, forever.” 
The last few word that resonance in the ears of princess of Arendelle before she became completely frozen.
Ok here’s the first part. Please forgive my bad English. m=____=m
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I did this How To Train Your Dragon 2 fan art for an upcoming show! Details to follow! 
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